Spring Trends 2015

Spring is HERE! Yes, I am yelling at you because I am quite excited about this season. The conditions are perfect for portraits! The lighting is lovely, the weather is warm but with a slight breeze ( great for those “wind in the hair” images) , the flowers are blooming, and wardrobes are going through a color revival! In celebration of Spring, I wanted to share my top 5 trends for the upcoming season.

1. Gingham: It’s playful and sophisticated at the same time!


2. The Kimono Trench: It’s light and airy way to make a statement!


3. Yellow: It’s bold, yes. But done the right way, it’s color perfection!


4. Culottes: Ok! Disclaimer: I never thought these would make a come-back but I stand corrected. (And the new styles are pretty adorable!)


5. Black and White: Do you have color commitment issues? This classic palette is just right!


I hope you enjoyed this little fashion post! I am currently booking Spring 2015 and Summer sessions for the Class of 2016!

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Brooklyn’s Downtown/Uptown Session Preview { Temecula senior photographer }

Can’t wait to share images from Brooklyn’s beautiful, spring session!


Authentic Cassidy { Murrieta Senior Photographer }

I am so trilled to bring you this session! Back when I imagined what an Authentic shoot would be like, my friend Cassidy instantly came to mind. She is soulful, genuine, artistic, and kind with a very real view of who she is as an individual. I hung out with her for an afternoon and this is what we created together. Take a peak at her behind the scenes video ( with her very own cover of Skinny Love by Bon Iver as the soundtrack). I can’t tell you how special this day was and hope more teens will have the courage to let themselves be seen in such a real way…

CASSIDYauthentic from Juneberry Photo on Vimeo.

Here is what Cassidy had to say about this experience…

“When Jessie approached me about the Authentic photo shoot I couldn’t have been more excited! I loved the idea of having Jessie come and capture my every day life; my real self. There was something really special in having her come be apart of the things that I am most passionate about. Allowing Jessie to come and see who I really am was such a wonderful experience. She followed me around as I went about my day. It started with me getting ready. She captured my morning routine which consists of curling my hair and applying my typical day time makeup. I played a favorite vinyl of mine on my record player and she photographed me while I sat there listening as the needle spun. We moved the session downstairs as I sipped my morning coffee while I read, journaled, and painted. Writing and creativity are two things that make up a huge part of who I am. I told Jessie about a favorite coffee shop of mine so we left my home to grab lattes and just chat. We sat there talking and laughing as she captured me in a place that I cherish and have created a lot of memories at. Finally I took her outside which is another place I spend heaps of free time at. Nature is another deep love of mine. I constantly desire to be sitting in grass surrounded by forestry. I brought my guitar and showed Jessie the places I go to sit and play. I had an incredible time taking her to the different places I go, and showing her who I truly am. There was something very unique about the Authentic shoot simply because it reveals the real me. The every day Cassidy who loves coffee, vinyl, nature, and painting. The things that make up who I am. I am so excited for all who take part in an Authentic shoot. It is an experience I will never forget, and I loved every moment of it. “

Elegance and Grace { Carlsbad Senior Photographer }

When I used to picture my idilic college experience, I imagined a campus on the east coast with brick buildings, fall colors and brisk air. Maybe it comes from my love for You’ve Got Mail… you know…bouquets of sharpened pencils and quaint little book stores. I didn’t get to live that dream but maybe I can live vicariously through Heather as she heads off to Boston in the Fall. I am so excited for her and meeting her was a pleasure! She is so elegant and graceful (probably due to her dance background) and the camera absolutely loved her! I am honored to share her images and am very thankful she chose me to capture her senior portraits. Best wishes friend! Enjoy this time!

Makeup by Alison Piro

Taken in Fallbrook, CA

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Heather’s Autumn Outing {Murrieta Senior Photographer}

Heather is a truly unique beauty that I had the pleasure of photographing recently. I was completely inspired by her gorgeous features and coloring! The setting and styling were so deliciously Autumnal and I adore her set of images! Setting her stunning beauty aside, Heather is also a budding creative with a refreshing personality that I was instantly drawn to. I can’t wait to see what she will do with all that talent in the future. Call me for your head shots someday “daaawling!”;)

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