The Rumor’s are true… {Misha Lulu Fall 14′} Kids Fashion Photographer

I know I say this every time but this is my absolute favorite line from Misha Lulu! (until they come out with their next one. haha)

This season, Karen and Joe took inspiration from their daughter, and muse, Bella and her obsession with spy gear and make believe. This was truly a dream shoot in a unique location that blew my creative mind! We had the opportunity to shoot at Modern Props in LA, a photographer’s dream land with every prop you could ask for. We were able to create sets that fit right into the feel of the clothing and my imagination was on overload. The models just loved exploring the ins and outs of each hallway that were dedicated to a certain genre. Huge thanks to Jalene and Modern Props for the perfect locale! Of course, this shoot was styled to perfection by Heather Rome, who is always a joy to be around! Take a look into our day filled with detectives, spies, and mod-tastic secretaries! We had a blast!

For: Misha Lulu
Styling: Heather Rome
Props and Sets by: Modern Props

These beautiful, sandy toes traveled all the way from Texas for vacation and stubbled upon me via Pinterest for a family shoot! I love how the inter webs can connect people through social media! I had the best time showing these fine folks the California coast and I can’t wait to share their session in full.

Michelle || Class of 2015 { Encinitas Senior Photographer}

This gorgeous girl is Michelle, she is one of my Class of 2015 Senior Models representing LCC high school! I had such a blast with her ! She has such a down to earth, fun personality and I can’t wait to have her as a part of the Juneberry Photo team this year. Michelle’s mom and sister came along as well and I love their family dynamic! They are just awesome people to know and I love getting a glimpse of how sisters interact when they are older…it gives me a little flash forward of my girls. I just hope my littles get along this well when they are teens.;)I hope you enjoy these images!

And we had to include a sister shot, of course!! Can’t wait to have her on my model team in the future!:)

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Camp Kenney | A personal post

Over Father’s Day weekend, we took our first overnight trip to the lake! We have gone on little day trips with the girls to the beach and such but never a trip this long. No TV, electronics, or phone reception to be seen but plenty of laughs, snuggles, good food, campfires, and conversation was had! I just loved spending this uninterrupted time with my beautiful girls and amazing hubby. These four remind me to slow down and just enjoy life and I am so thankful for them. It was just what the doctor ordered and a great way to kick off summer! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!

Kaitlyn’s Closet || Temecula Senior Photographer

Kaitlyn is one of my gorgeous Class of 2015 Senior Models! While we were still in the planning process of her shoot, I attended one of her performances at Linfield High School. As she danced, sang, and acted on stage, an idea sparked in my head! Kaitlyn loves vintage/ retro looks and her mother is the costume coordinator at her school , so naturally, I wanted to use those interests in our shoot. We settled on a vintage glam/Great Gatsby concept and I LOVE how the images turned out! It’s so fun to style something with a specific theme in mind and allows me to really channel the client’s personality. Kaitlyn looks like a true Hollywood movie star in these! She is so stunning! Huge thanks to Alison from Creator’s Canvas for doing a brilliant job on the makeup (as usual) !;)


Here is a little before and after goodness for you! Kaitlyn is so naturally beautiful and then we glammed her up and WOW! Love!

We also threw in her prom dress for good measure! It was such a great color on her!

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